Raytheon ELCAN SpecterDR™ deployed to US Special Operations and Navy Seals

Development of the SpecterDR™ 1-4x:

US SOPMOD chooses SpecterDRIn 2003 the US SOCOM started to upgrade its fire control accessories for the M4 Carbine. The key technological objective for the day optic was – “to provide not only a long-range deliberate aiming capability, but also a short range, positive, rapid aiming capability for Close Quarters Battle…in a single sight” – a critical issue in urban combat.

Raytheon ELCAN Optical Technologies met this need by proposing and demonstrating the SpecterDR™ dual role rifle sight, a high performance switchable 1x- 4x dual-field-of-view (DFOV) combat optic.  Its potential established, Raytheon ELCAN incorporated user feedback driven spiral improvements that resulted in a series of design features that made the SpecterDR™ dual role combat sight match the operational needs of soldiers better than any competitive offering.  Clever design and rigorous testing further optimized how the sight performed as a subsystem of the weapon.

In full and open competition with 5 Operational Trials against alternative sighting solutions, the SpecterDR™ dual role weapon sight was awarded 100% of the SOPMOD production requirements.  Users favored the SpecterDR™ dual role 9-to-1 over any competitive offerings while test data showed that it outperformed legacy solutions. By achieving the SOCOM objective, the SpecterDR™ dual role weapon sight has eliminated the need to switch between sights in-combat by combining for the war fighter a true unity (1.0X) power for both eyes open close combat, and 4X magnification for precision aiming combat in a single light weight package.

In addition to the day operation benefits, the SpecterDR™ dual role combat sight has also allowed SOCOM to achieve the full benefits of its clip-on night vision device (CNVD) strategy.   Operators are vulnerable when they are switching between optics and the act of switching also always carries the risk of impairing bore sight accuracy.   Using a CNVD eliminates the need to switch between a day optic and a night vision sight since the CNVD simply “clips-on” in front of the day optic.   With the SpecterDR™ dual role weapon sight, operators now never need to switch between optics and they never have to second guess about their weapon system accuracy.  SpecterDR™ is given the designation SU-230/PVS in the SOPMOD Block 2 kit.

For more information about Raytheon ELCAN Branded Products, visit www.ELCANsightingsystems.com

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